Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - August 15, 2011

Last week went rather well as far as sticking with our menu plan goes, and this week . . . well, there's not really even much reason to plan. Oh well, here's what we're looking at. Or more to the point, what I'm looking at.

Monday: Broiled and shallow pan-fried crab cakes with canned, seasoned corn.

Tuesday: Possibly alone if Buppy gets to work overtime. If not, we'll grill some kielbasa and make some oven-roasted and seasoned fries to go along with it.

Wednesday: I'll be alone for dinner as Buppy has his Hogs and Heroes meeting. I'll likely hit the gym, then come home for a sandwich or boiled eggs or something.

Thursday: I see a repeat of Wednesday in my future. Nights alone can be boring, but they also allow me to be lazy and eat whatever I want without giving a thought to anyone else. That sounds selfish, but really, after work and the gym, it's kind of nice sometimes.

Friday: As of right now, we're supposed to meet up with a co-worker after work to see her husband's band play. It sounds as though they play on a blocked-off street and there are food vendors there. We'll see what the weather looks like come Thursday and then decide if I need a back up plan for us for dinner.

Saturday Lunch: Something simple, like tuna salad sandwiches.
Saturday Dinner: Since we missed our last opportunity to hit up Boordy Vineyards due to rain, we plan to make another attempt this Saturday. I'll pack up some blue cheese-stuffed olives (yes, I stuff my own and my fingers stink for days), some Kalamata bruschetta and some other tasty sounding appetizers that'll pair well with wine. Again, that's if Mother Nature cooperates.

Sunday Lunch: Again, something simple, like a deli meat sandwich or . . . well, something easy.
Sunday Dinner: There is a jazz festival in the town I used to live in when I first moved here, and the park where the concerts take place is beautiful. If it's not raining and I'm not too burned out from this week/Saturday's outing, we plan to head there for the festival. I'm not sure if I'll pack some things for us to eat or if we'll grab something at one of the cute little shops that line the historic district, but we'll figure something out. Come to think of it, I think we still have 2 restaurant.com gift certificates left for places in the city. Sounds like fun to me!

Enjoy! Now to go see what everyone else is making this week . . . 

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