Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Freebies (Or Close Enough For Me)

I know I repeat myself often, but who doesn't love free? I had a Walgreens coupon for $8 from a previous purchase that was set to expire today. After losing $1 coupon to expiration last week (eeekk!), I wasn't about to see my $8 beauty go to waste. Heck no! So . . . I checked with Buppy this afternoon and as I suspected, we needed cereal. I don't eat it, so I never know unless he tells me. Not my style, ya know? Anyway, it happened to be on sale for 2/$4 (limit 4), and I happened to have a $1/3 coupon that matched these brands (how handy is that?!). The cereal came to $8 total, but with my $1/3 coupon, I knew I needed another dollar item. I almost snagged a turkey sausage stick, but then the prunes I'd been meaning to buy cried out, conveniently priced at $1 per box. My total rang up to $9, I handed over my cereal coupon, then my $8 Walgreens coupon and walked out with what's pictured below for absolutely nothing. Not a penny. Free! Have I mentioned I'm a fan of that?
Next up is mainly what Staples has blessed me with over the past few weeks with the exception of the package of 8 Paper Mate blue ball point pens, which was free at CVS several weeks ago. While I did have to pay a bit out of pocket to begin with, when all is said and done, what you see below will have cost me a total of $1.50. The 500 count multipurpose paper will end up costing me 50 cents, while the 100 count 4"x6" Kodak photo paper will be $1 after rebate. The highlighters (Bic, brite liner Grip, yellow, 5 count) and the other package of pens (Zebra, Z Grip, 7 count, black, retractable) will be 100% free after I receive the rebates from Staples. Oh yeah, I also scored 100 free business cards, just in case I hit that unemployment line again any time in the near future (knock on wood). Pretty much free office supplies? Where the heck were these when I was in college? Oh wait, I'm sure I merely didn't know to look for them. Oh silly me! But really, what college kid knows there are such fab deals out there? No one I knew at that point in my life, that's for sure. I've come a long way baby!
Ah, I'd say I'm satisfied with how my steals and deals have been treating me lately. Anyone else have some fun ones to share?

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