Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - September 26, 2011

Ah, back to the menu planning grind. Work has been a bear the past 2 weeks (multiple people out, so I'm blessed with their work loads) and these next 2 weeks won't be much better. The Meetings Director's daughter is getting married, so she'll be out and I'll be stuck with several incredibly large and detailed events on top of my normal work load. Ugh. That means that menu planning is going to be important so I don't get the urge to go out to eat or pick up something convenient from the store at night (read: pizza). We have a well-stocked pantry and freezer, so there's really no excuse for that except lack of planning.

Monday - Cauliflower cheese soup. I have a lot of cauliflower on hand that I need to use up.

Tuesday - Cilantro noodles. This is posted as a side dish, but I'm thinking it'd make a nice light, quick and easy vegetarian meal. Plus, I picked up cilantro last weekend at the produce market specifically for this and I have to use it before it goes bad.

Wednesday Chicken breasts with a mustard-caper pan sauce. I've made this once before and it's amazing. We'll probably pair this with some oven-roasted veggies of some sort.

Thursday - My night alone, and I've been favoring breakfast for dinner meals on these nights lately.

Friday Spirit of Baltimore Cruise. Buppy purchased half-price tickets, thanks to Groupon. Three hours of music, food, drinks and dancing, all with a stellar view! I'm psyched for the Salmon Mediterranean and the hand-carved roasted rosemary beef, being the foodie I am and all.

Saturday - Hershey Park. Yup, the Hershey Park. I've never been there before but have wanted to visit since I moved here. Buppy was able to get tickets through work for $24 each, which is much nicer than the standard $55.95 price.

Sunday Slow-cooker brisket sandwiches. The ingredient list appears to be mostly things I already have on hand, including the necessary brisket in the freezer. We have 2, and I keep meaning to find a recipe for one. I'll throw it all in the slow-cooker, then probably take nap after my exhausting weekend. Enjoy!

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