Sunday, October 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - October 10, 2011

Things have been crazy busy here lately, both work and home-wise. Hopefully this menu plan helps things run smoothly this week.

Monday: Slow-cooker brisket sammies and oven-roasted potato wedges (brisket is already browned and the marinade is already mixed; all I have to do is combine 'em in the slow cooker in the morning)

Tuesday: My night alone (Buppy swapped his usual Thursday overnight this week), so something easy after coming home from the gym - breakfast for dinner or a ham sammy

Wednesday: Zuppa Toscana with homemade garlic toast rounds

Thursday: Grilled New York strip steaks with light blue cheese sauce and baked potatoes with light sour cream and green onions

Friday: Dinner in downtown Bmore since we're attending a Hogs and Heroes fundraiser at the Baltimore Comedy Factory at 8pm

Saturday: Cajun-seasoned cod and oven-roasted veggies

Sunday: Buffalo wing pizza if we feel like eating after we come home from Six Flags - we have free tickets!

There we have it; nothing super exciting, but we have almost all the ingredients on hand, making it much easier to stick to it. Enjoy!

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