Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Super Duper Weenie

I was really hoping our trip to Super Duper Weenie would be . . . more impressive. While in Connecticut over Labor Day weekend for a wedding (which was lovely, I might add), I suggested to Buppy that we check it out. It's been featured on Food Network, and since I have my bucket list of places to eat for foodie reasons, how could we not stop by? Plus, we had nothing better to do during the day on Saturday.
Buppy and I both tried their New Englander, which comes topped with sauerkraut, bacon, mustard, sweet relish and raw onion; I requested mine without the relish. There were a lot of onions on both of ours, which suited me fine since I pretty much love all things onion. But here's my thing with dogs --- I can open a can of sauerkraut and put some on a dog at home. I can chop up some onion and throw on some bacon. What needs to impress me is the dog itself, and these didn't. My friend who got married said they deep fry their dogs, but from what we witness, they didn't. They split them down the middle, slap 'em on a griddle and then use a press to get them to open up a bit. I'm not quite sure why this is done; it seemed to make eating them all the messier.
Looking at this pic now, all I can think is, "Thank goodness we don't eat this stuff on a regular basis!" But it was a mini-vacay, and a spot featured on Food Network, so that means it's alright to indulge, right? Yup, that's my story.

I got a 2nd dog (I was really hungry, ok!?) and asked for onions, chili and cheese. Again, I can add onions and cheese at home. I think the cheese was a white American single placed in the bottom of the bun before the dog, so the heat helped to melt it a little. The chili was alright; would I eat a bowl of it? No. Was it better than canned. Yes.

The dogs at both of the "famous" joints we've now tried are all skinless, which might be my problem. Growing up, my papa loved and always got us skin hot dogs. These puppies have such a wonderful snap when you bite into 'em. They actually mail them to me from Wisco, I kid you not. Buppy's not that impressed with them, but they're by far the best dogs ever in my opinion.

We shared a small order of fries, which were good but appeared very, very greasy. I enjoyed the salt and pepper they sprinkled on them before handing them over.

Apparently the place has a massive following, despite my opinions. It was packed the entire time we were there. You order in a little area with 8 seats at a counter, and there's extra seating in a room next door. Counter seating? All full. Room next door. Totally full. There's almost a line out the door to order, but then the guy cookin' the dogs yells to close the door, and somehow everyone crowds in a little more. Buppy and I took our tray outside and ended up eating next to the sign out front. Good thing there's extra parking, because the 6+/- parking spots in front of the building just don't cut it.

I'm glad I can say I've been there, but I have no urge to go back. *sigh* We did find it interesting that they're not open for dinner; I think they close at 4pm. Perhaps such a small dwelling couldn't handle that rush? Who knows? Odd nonetheless.

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