Thursday, September 15, 2011

Temps Are Fallin'

I love that we went from a high in the mid-80's yesterday to it currently being 55F at 7:30pm. No, seriously, I'm lovin' it. Fall is my favorite time of year, followed closely by Spring. I get to use my oven again (without feeling guilty)! Bust out the sweaters, breakout the knee-high boots and settle into some flannel sheets. The forecast looks as though we're in for some more 70's within the next 10 days, but I see no more 80's in sight. Ahhhh.

On a separate note, work has been crazy busy this week. The county public schools just came back into session, and we're contracted to hold all the staff meetings at work. It really tickles me pink when they call the day prior and request numerous changes to set up, food and beverages and AV. I realize I can't complain though; I have a job I enjoy for the most part when many others are much less fortunate. I just constantly have to remind myself of that fact this week as I seem to be surrounded by stupidity.

This weekend we have no major plans. I'm looking forward to keeping busy in the kitchen, and we're also kitty-sitting for my boss. I haven't had a kitty in so long; I'm really looking forward to it. Buppy? Not so much as he claims he's allergic. Whatever. He has plenty of allergy meds I've scored for free, so he should be fine for the next 10 days. 

Alright . . . off to finish my movie!

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