Saturday, September 3, 2011

Visiting Connecticut

Hello from the great state of Connecticut! This will be a short post as I am only waiting on Buppy to shower and shave before we head out to explore Bridgeport. Not the nicest area one could pick for a mini-vacay, but we're here. 

Super Duper Weenie, which has been featured on several Food Network shows, is just one town over, so I see a trip there in our future. Possibly tomorrow on our way down to Jersey or later this afternoon.

The trip up wasn't too shabby. We made unbelievable time until we hit NYC, then things slowed a bit. All in all though, we can't complain. We were smart enough to pick up several books on CD (thanks Buppy!) before departing, and those always make the time fly by.

At 7pm tonight, one of my bestest best friends is getting married on a beach in Fairfield. A cocktail reception will follow, which I'm sure will be amazing because I found out last night that the bride made all the food (minus the cake) herself. Plus the couple recently bought a house, both have full-time jobs, and we all survived a hurricane. That's a lot to take on!

Ah yes, dear Irene. She seems to have knocked out power at the pavilion where the reception is taking place, so hopefully the generator is enough. It's going to be a small, intimate wedding with approximately 75 guests. I'm so happy for my girl!

Pictures will follow soon, along with more posts. August was a super busy month for Buppy and I, but we did some really fun and interesting things. We still have free Six Flags tickets to use as well as discounted tickets to Hershey Park; it's great to know people who are connected!

Here's hoping everyone has a safe Labor Day weekend; get together with friends and family and enjoy! I know we're going to!

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