Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Movie Night

Tonight, redbox is kindly granting anyone and everyone a free movie rental. All one has to do is 'like' redbox on Facebook and bam --- they generate a unique code valid today only, Thursday, 8/25/11. I've actually had my free code jotted down and in my car since Monday when I learned of the deal.

Buppy and I love redbox, but we both find it interesting that when they offer free one-day only codes, they're usually for Thursdays, which are Buppy's overnight shift at work. No loss here though; I plan to rent a free movie and redeem my coupon for a free dip at Ruby Tuesday. I also have to run to CVS as I have some coupons that expire tomorrow. Free + free + coupons --- can't beat that.  Thanks redbox, Ruby Tuesday and CVS!

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