Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Simple Dessert Idea

I'm not going down in any history books for point out this simple dessert idea, but hey, I hadn't thought of it until last Fall, so why not throw it out there for anyone who hasn't thought of it yet either, right? Wow. That was a long sentence. 

Tiny Tot #1's birthday was in November, and Buppy's family came up from Virginia to celebrate with us. I made tacos, and for dessert, Tiny Tot said he wanted a chocolate cake with white frosting. Easy enough, right?

My plan was to make the cake and frosting from scratch, but I fell through some kind of wicked time warp. All of a sudden it was the night before the party and I hadn't baked. Well, box cake it is! And frosting? Light whipped topping, of course! My mother would not be proud. She always made the best cakes, cutting them into shapes for us. They were from scratch, and so was the frosting. Love you mom! Oh well. You do the best you can, right? Right.

Now keep in mind that I'm by no means crafty. Or creative. Or artistic. I can't cut a cake into shapes, and I can't frost things to make them look like something specific. Me? I spread frosting on a cake, all in one layer, and then I jab in some candles. This time, however, Buppy and I had an idea. Why not crush up a candy bar or 2 from the pantry and sprinkle it over the whipped topping? I didn't have to "decorate" a cake, but it still looked fancier than the plain white top. Score!

I roughly chopped a full-sized Butterfinger and sprinkled it on top. Turns out Butterfinger just happens to be his entire family's favorite candy bar. Yup, score again. While I didn't taste the cake at all - I don't have much of a sweet tooth - everyone else seemed super satisfied with my efforts.

Next time you're running out of time and don't know how to jazz up a dessert, just take a look around for a random candy bar or 2 and chop 'em up. I don't see why most varieties wouldn't work. Then nom-nom-nom on your fancy dessert. Enjoy!

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