Monday, February 27, 2012

Excited for Philly-Filled Weekend

There aren't many nights this week to menu plan for. Buppy and I are both sick today, so the kids will likely get mac 'n cheese for dinner. Buppy works 2 overnights this week instead of his customary one, and we're going out of town Friday after work through Sunday evening. That leaves me with Wednesday, and I already have 2 pieces of meat we need to use up. Easy peasy.

So . . . very excited for this weekend. My birthday is next Monday, and while we usually throw a nice shindig at our house, we decided on something different this year. Living where we do (central Maryland), we have quite a few options close by to explore for a weekend. We're taking this weekend and heading to Philadelphia. There have been numerous restaurants from Philly featured on Food Network and/or the Travel channel, and I plan to test out a few. I know a classic Philly cheese steak will make an appearance at some meal, however I'm a bit more excited to try a roast pork Italian sandwich (roast pork, broccoli rabe and cheese) from Tony Luke's. From the  moment I first saw this sandwich on a FN show, I've craved it. And now it's almost here!

We have no plans set in stone and plan to play the weekend by ear. There are definitely sites that we'd like to see while there, like the Liberty Bell, but we can figure out more of an exact schedule when we get there. Plus, since we plan on walking a lot, the weather will come into play, too.

The following weekend I'm planning a trip to either the King of Prussia (shopping!) or NYC to meet up with an old roommate from Wisconsin. Following that will be NYC for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Thank goodness for my hotel discounts or I'd never be able to afford this kind of travel! 

There. A quick blog post. I'm trying not to be so MIA here, but between work, the gym, cooking and traveling, it's hard to find the time. So is the struggle of every adult I suppose - not enough time!

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