Saturday, March 31, 2012

Six Flags for Free

Photo courtesy of Amtrak California

Today, after Buppy gets home from Tiny Tot #1's first lacrosse game, we'll be heading south for a visit to our local Six Flags . . . for free! One of Buppy's previous coworkers (now retired) still works security for the park, so generally when we go, our visit is free. Today happens to be one of those days. Apparently it's vendor appreciation day, so we wound up with tickets. We have 10 or so, and Buppy's coworker who wanted 5 never got back to him about when/where he'd pick them up. It's just Buppy and I going today - what a waste of free tickets! Oh well. Today also marks the first day the park is open for Spring Break, but I'm hoping it won't be overly crowded. After the park, we plan to stop by Red Robin for dinner. I still have a free burger waiting for me since my birthday was this month. Hate to waste that! And Buppy can then have his favorite buffalo chicken tenders (which I admit are pretty tasty!). All in all, today should be a pretty great day. Now . . . off to shower. Have a great weekend everyone!

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