Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - June 4, 2012

Well folks, it's been awhile since my last post. Today was my first day back from my vacation home to see my family in Wisconsin, and I'd like to get back on track. My plane ticket wasn't exactly cheap, but it sure was well worth it! Buppy and I have agreed to try to save money this month, meaning no extra eating out if possible. Tonight, for example, it couldn't be helped because Buppy had a Pack meeting with the kids, but I'd like to limit what we spend on ourselves. Bonus: healthier eating. Let's see if planning can help us achieve our goal. Here we go . . . 

Monday - Dinner alone, which turned out to be toast topped with cheese and fried eggs.

Tuesday - Grilled steaks with balsamic-glazed onions and oven-roasted seasoned potato wedges.

Wednesday - Cod loin filets, likely baked with a little butter, lemon juice and dill. We'll have corn on the side.

Thursday - My usual night alone, and I'm thinking I'll make some seafood salad with the imitation crab meat I have in the fridge. It'll be tasty on a whole wheat English muffin or with crackers.

Friday - Another night alone due to another Pack meeting for Buppy and the kids. I have all the ingredients for breakfast burritos, which I love. Sounds good to me.

Saturday - Slow roasted brisket with a veggie-loaded garden salad on the side. My mom told me about a former coworker of hers who seasoned the brisket with onion soup mix before cooking, so I think I'll give that a try. It'll be my 3rd or 4th attempt at making a brisket (other than corned beef), and I'm hoping this time it's a winner.

Sunday - I'm not sure at this point if we'll be eating at my workplace or not. We have a huge party that night, and I'll be bartending and Buppy will be working as a manager. If we have to eat prior to leaving for the event, we'll throw something light together, like tuna salad sammies.

Alright. I have a plan. Now let's see if we can stick with it!

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