Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Party Menu - 2012 Edition

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Wow, I haven't posted in a whole month. Shocker! But not reeeeeally. Happy birthday to America today - I'm at home, alone, gearing up for our annual summer party. Cleaning, prepping, shopping and making cold spinach dip for our potluck at work tomorrow. Here's a quick run through of what we're providing said party. A friend of ours has a lot of still-frozen hot dogs and hamburgers from a recent cookout, so they're providing those and picking up the buns for us, too. Such sweethearts. 

Baked Vidalia onion dip
7 layer taco dip
Dijon-bacon dip for pretzels
Ham-pickle-cream cheese rollups
Jalapeno thingies
Cheese ball
Assorted veggies/crackers/bread/chips to accompany all appetizers
Grilled sausages
Steamed blue crabs
Lemon bars

Everyone who comes is welcome to bring a dish but doesn't necessary have to, so we'll have an assortment of other goodies as well. I'll be first to acknowledge the unhealthiness of this menu, however I've tried to go the high road. Lots of veggies. Fruit salads. And you know what? No one wants to eat it and it gets thrown away the next morning during clean up. People apparently want to indulge at our party, so instead of throwing money down the drain yet again, I'll simply provide what they want. And now to get off this couch and clean several bathrooms. Let the fun begin!

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