Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Friday was a pretty good start to the weekend. I had a 10:15am appointment with the dentist for a 6 month cleaning, where they said that I had less plaque and almost no bleeding of the gums. Score one for team Bugaboo! Since my last visit 6 months ago, I started using ACT mouthwash as my dentist suggested. Little did I know that most mouthwashes are for your gums, whereas ACT is actually for your teeth. Hmmm, learn something new every day. While I normally start work at 10am, I arrived at 12pm on Friday. It’s nice that they’re so lax and allow me time for appointments.

Friday was the day I found out I’m getting a raise, and I also left work earlier than normal since we had friends coming for dinner. This plan didn’t exactly work out as I’d hoped however, since there was an accident on the beltway and traffic was mucho backed up. Even the back road way I take to avoid traffic was backed up. Fail. What normally takes me 40+/- minutes to travel took double that on Friday night. But between NPR and 104.3, I jammed out and caught up on the situation in Haiti, as well as other news.

Speaking of Haiti, our GM and managers/directors have decided we want to do something to aid the relief effort. I think we’re deciding tomorrow how to go about raising funds; we’ve been advised not to collect non-perishable foods, so monetary donations will most likely be the course we take. Anything to help at this point.Buppy was asked by his contact at World Care Centers if he could deploy to Haiti for 1-2 weeks, but he doesn’t think he’s going to be able to. The scariest part about that whole situation seems to be thoughts about looters and rioters and how to stay safe upon arrival. Couple that with worries about food and clean drinking water and, well, it’s a bit much. For me anyway. Between already made plans, work and the kids, leaving for 1-2 weeks and not knowing for sure when he’d come home isn’t something that really works for him. Regardless, I’m so proud of him for being involved with causes like this in the past, even if he can’t help in Haiti at this time.

Back to Friday night dinner though; well, while dinner was lacking a little due to us getting caught up gossiping with company, it was still a fabulous night of drinks, conversation and fun. And a great head rub. Note to self though: next time, don’t drink so damn much Tuaca. I paid dearly for that mistake all day Saturday.

Saturday was a day of relaxation, followed by more relaxation and some errands on Sunday. Weekends are so amazing. And this coming weekend? Chili cook-off at S & B's house . . . without the kids! I'm confident good times will be had by all!

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