Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday already?

Sometimes I’m simply amazed at how fast time flies. Take this week, for example; where have Monday & Tuesday gone?

I’m somewhat excited for this weekend to get here. That last 2 weekends have been consumed with family, friends, outings and good times, but I feel like I need some time at home to lounge, cook, read, play outside (it’s supposed to warm up --- yay!) and catch up on things. New Year’s weekend consisted of traveling to VA, hosting family and the Nutcracker. Then following weekend, last weekend, consisted of working (gotta love big events!) and our employee party. While everything I've done each weekend has been great, I need some R&R. This weekend we have nothing on the books at home, and not much for me to worry about at work, which will be a nice break.

This past Monday night happened to be one of the nights we get alone, minus kiddos. It happened to be a somewhat stressful day in the office, so Buppy and I headed out to one of our favorite hibachi restaurants. We split 2 new and absolutely delicious sushi choices then split a chicken hibachi dinner. This restaurant is fabulous as it often sends out a coupon for a free meal, no purchase necessary. Split the entrée, share some sushi and what have we got? A great “date night” adventure at a fraction of the normal cost! I’m totally down with that.

Last night I left work early but ate a late dinner in the hotel, so our menu plans were kind of throw out the window. Speaking of which, I forgot to post my menu plan for the week. Oh well, I got a lot of other stuff accomplished on Monday, so I can’t complain.

We’re having friends over for dinner on Friday night; we don’t do this often enough in my opinion, but I’ll take what I can get. We’ve decided on an Asian inspired marinade for the pork loin chops, and then they’ll be cooked in the rotisserie. I’m so glad Buppy has a rotisserie. Such great flavor and a healthy way to cook as opposed to frying or drenching in a fattening sauce. We’ll also have rice noodles with veggies that will be infused with the flavor of the boiled down marinade. We’ve done this meal once before and I’m amazed at how fantastic the flavors are. My only thing left to figure out is what to do as our other side dish. I was thinking a fruit salad; hmmm, to come up with an Asian-style or Asian-inspired fruit salad. I’m sure I’ll find something.

Buppy is at work today and tomorrow, and since I still don’t feel completely over my sickness from 2 weeks ago, I think I might head home and go to bed. It’s only mid-afternoon now and I’m very tired. Nice to have that option sometimes.

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