Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stoppin' at Nonnie's

On my way home from Atlantic City last weekend, I was determined to stop at a cafe for a delicous breakfast of eggs benedict. On the way there on Saturday afternoon, I passed countless places to stop and envisioned the yumminess I'd find at one of them the following morning. My plans all changed though as the GPS took me home a different way than it had taken me there on Saturday; I ended up coming home on the Atlantic City Expressway, which led me to the New Jersey Turnpike. What did this mean for me? All highway miles, with no cute cafes along the way. The travel plazas could only offer Starbucks, Burger King, McDonalds and the like. This was not gonna do.

I decided to veer off my route near Havre de Grace with no real destination in mind; I just knew I was hungry. I ended up going about 10 miles off the Turnpike and just scanning the restaurants I passed. Hmmm, what looks good today? I decided on a small little Italian pizza/pasta/panini joint called Nonnie's. From their rather extensive menu, I chose their Bugsy panini. They threw steak, shrimp, American cheese, raw onions and Old Bay together for a tasty filling sandwiched between 2 seasoned piecies of heavy-duty bread. Smashed it all up in a panini pressed and BAM --- lunch was served. I could only eat about half the sandwich, so the other half came home and was dinner later that night. It reheated pretty well in the toaster oven, and I was a satisfied customer of Nonnie's.

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  1. Looks like you picked a great restaurant - that sandwich looks amazing.


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