Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - March 1, 2010

This week will allow me plenty of wiggle room as I'm home alone 3 nights, one night is my birthday/appetizer party at home and another night we're going out for my birthday and I have no idea if we'll eat at home first or catch dinner out. This is gonna be one fun weekend! But first, the menu plan:

Monday: [Bugaboo home alone, Buppy at work] Natural casing weiners that were sent to me for Christmas by the 'rents. I can't find them here, so they ship 'em from Wisco. I freeze most and pull out a few when I get the urge. Not healthy but oh-so-tasty. I'll try to throw in some raw veggies for good measure; I think we have carrots in the fridge.

Tuesday: [Bugaboo home alone, Buppy at work] Breakfast for dinner, a sandwich, tuna --- I've found that it doesn't really pay for me to try to nail down what I'll have for dinner when I'm home alone. We have so many options and I know I won't go out to eat alone, so I just eat whatever I feel like that night. Hard to predict what I'ma want!

Baked chicken & cheese casserole, steamed broccoli [I really want to try roasting it as I've found several tasty-sounding recipes lately, but I don't think you can roast frozen broccoli, can you?]

Thursday: Grilled steaks [since we have lots in the freezer from the 1/4 cow we purchased a few months ago], savory rice blend [Light & Tasty recipe; if it's good, I'll blog about it]

Friday: [my birfday!] Appetizer party at my house! Here are some possible contenders:
Buffalo chicken dip
Chicken enchilada dip rollups
Cold spinach dip
Bacon & cheddar dip
Shrimp cocktail dip-thingy
Crazy tasty pretzels
Clam dip
Taco [7 layer as some might call it] dip
Ham-pickle-cream cheese rollups [these are like CRACK!]
Some type of fruit dip
Ring-tum-ditty [Buppy's recipe, which is pretty darn tasty]
Hot spinach-artichoke dip
Warm pizza dip
Pico de gallo

I know two of our friends are bringing Swedish meatballs and a bourbon grilled salmon [hmmm, I think they're grilling it at our house, but note to self: find out for sure]. Anyone else have any suggestions to toss my way? I'm always on the lookout for new appetizer recipes.

Saturday: I know we're going out for some fun in Bmore, but we're still not sure how many people will be in our posse, which means we're not sure if we'll eat at home first or have dinner at a restaurant. If it's dinner at home, I'm thinking some grilled up marinated pork loin chops. Mmmmm.

Sunday: [my day of recovery home alone since Buppy will go into work mid-day] Something easy, like I usually do when I'm home alone. Sammy, eggs, soup --- or some meat lovers PH pizza if I'm really hung over!

Once again, there we have it. Man I love food!

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