Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I can almost taste the weekend...

While last weekend didn't work out quite as planned [no trip to DE], this weekend should more than make up for that. Tomorrow is my Friday, but I have a ton to do tonight to get ready for everything. Time to start making lists . . . and yet here I am blogging, wasting my precious list-making time already!

Once I leave work tonight, I have to head to the store for some shopping. I want a cute new outfit or two to take on my weekend road trip, and seriously, a BFF's wedding calls for something new! After that shopping, I have to go yell at the grocery store that seriously overcharged me for something this past weekend. Didn't think I'd catch you, did you Mr. Safeway? Then I have to head home to help make dinner [or maybe I'll get lucky and Buppy will make it for me!], then pack. Ugh. I hate packing, even if only for a few days. How the hell will I know what I'll wanna wear Saturday night tonight?

Tomorrow morning I have to take the kids to school, which I've never done before, because Buppy has to be in class uber early. I have no idea how long it'll take to get from their school to work, or for that matter, how the heck I'm supposed to get there; thank goodness for GPS and Google maps. Someone say a lil' prayer, ok?

I'll work a normal day tomorrow, then leave from here and drive north. Friday, on the beach, will be [one of] my bestest-best friend's wedding. While I've never been able to really picture her as completely settled down, I couldn't be more happy for her. It's going to be a super small ceremony with only a few close family members in attendance [no huge, fancy nuptials], which makes me even happier that I can be there to share in their special day. I'm only a little sad now, knowing she'll never be my old-lady-in-the-shoe-with-too-many-cats fallback roommate when we're old. Eh, I think she's allergic anyway. Onto that backup plan . . .

While in the area, I plan to meet up with another friend I met during my college years, another friend who I've always considered a besty. While I'm not 100% sure what her schedule looks like, I know we'll find some fun and troublesome way to catch up. We're thinking NYC might be in our very near future. Hooray! I love that these two girl [who've only met once, oddly enough, thanks to moi] live so close to each other. And we all came from Wisco. Makes my travels north even more worth it, which is good, since the tolls around NYC can be a biz-nitch.

I've booked myself a hotel for Thursday-Saturday night and plan to drive home after all my fun adventures sometime on Sunday. I wish I could see my wonderful momma and cook or take her out for dinner, but Texas is an amazingly far drive. Her card and gift went out in the mail today, so hopefully she gets them by Sunday.

It's going to be a fabulous 3-day weekend ladies and gents --- hope yours is equally fab!

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