Friday, June 4, 2010

Bridezilla, The Tasting & Some Deals

I have to be to work at 4pm tomorrow so my newly-booked wedding can have their tasting. This woman is nuts. The price point we're working with is extremely low, yet they seem to be expecting lobster on their burger budget. It took us 2 hours of discussion last week just to decide what they want to taste tomorrow. And let me tell you, nothing came from our original wedding menus. Does the word "demanding" mean anything to you? Ugh. Part of me really wishes it were ealier in the day so as not to interupt right around dinner time, but so life goes.

I think Buppy's taking the kids to a local fire dept. carnival tomorrow if the weather is nice. We talked about it like a month ago when they first put up the signs for it, then I completely forgot. I can't ride carnival rides anyway 'cause I get way super sick, but a funnel cake wouldn't have been all bad. Again, so goes life.

I received the new computer my sister sent me last night. Not brand-spankin'-new, but a lot newer than the 3 Buppy and I have at home right now. Let's just say the ones we have aren't really up to speed. This new one is great. Love-love-love it! Even though she told me to just keep it and not pay her at all, I'll still send her a check. However, it won't cost me anything close to what a new computer would, and it still works just as well for my needs. Woot!

I hope I get to leave early again today; yesterday the boss lady packed up at 4:45pm or so and said I could do the same. I normally stay until 6pm, so it was nice to head home early. Still got caught in traffic, but arrived home earlier than normal nonetheless. And I biked, too! Yay me!

Speaking of, I'm trying to exercise more regularily now. I always say I want to, but follow through is hard. Isn't it always when it comes to exercise --- or is that just me? Anyway, I biked 50 min. on Sat. & Sun., then Monday Buppy and I walked around Six Flags, so that was my work out [Six Flags is really spread out!]. Tuesday we walked our neighborhood, Wednesday was my day of rest, and I biked for an hour last night. With Buppy going to day work, hopefully this can become something we do together in the evenings, whether it be walking our neighborhood, biking or using our elliptical. Ah, now to stick with it!

For anyone who uses for their gift certificates, they're currently running a 70% off promo, now through Monday, 6/7. The code to enter at checkout is EAT.

Also, for any Redbox users, I received an email that they're running a promo from 6/1-6/30. This is what my email said:

"HOW IT WORKS: When you rent two or more movies at regular price in a single transaction we'll send you a promo code in three days for a free* rental. Just provide a valid email at checkout and that's it. Please note, only one free rental per person, per day will be awarded."

So there you have it. If you've got some new releases you've been itchin' to see, go rent 'em and get a 3rd one free. Hmmmm, I want Alice in Wonderland and what else........?

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