Thursday, June 3, 2010


It's so incredibly hot in my office today. The A/C is broken and has been on and off for the last week or so. I was told that they were coming in to fix it again [since they obviously didn't do it right last time they were here] yesterday at 2pm. Um....yeah. About that. Still freakin' hot. At least my heater has been disabled so that it's not still pumpin' out the heat. Ah, something to be thankful for. But seriously, it's like 87F in here. Probably 90+ outside. Ugh.

Only a few more days until Buppy begins day work; we're both excited. Honfest is coming up soon, plus lots of wine festivals in the area. Summer crabfest/slip 'n slide party is less than 2 months away, which is awesome in and of itself, made all the better because Sunshine and her family will be coming up from VA for it. Buppy's dad is coming down at the end of June to visit for a few days. We just went to Six Flags this past weekend and afterward found out that we have the most awesome little restaurant right in our own town --- amazing food, outstanding service, super cozy atmosphere. Not a place we'd take the kids, but for our special "date nights" once in awhile, it's definitely our new go-to place. Just fabulous dah-ling!

There. I'm done trying to think of all the positive things in my life right now to take my mind off the heat. It worked for about 2.5 seconds. Life is good. I'm still crazy-hot. The end.

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