Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Reviews

Did everyone have a good Father's Day weekend? I did, for the most part. It was a nice 3-day weekend for me since I had to work the Saturday prior, and Friday proved to be a great day to get stuff done around the house. Over the weekend, I managed to vacuum the living room, upstairs & hallway, sweep our hardwood floors, do some laundry, clean out my car, organize our coupon drawer --- well, you get the idea. I was productive! I need more 3-day weekends, but who doesn't?

For Father's Day, one of Buppy's requests [ok, his only request] was to see Toy Story 3 in theater. Since we met, we've only been to see 1 other movie in a theater because it's so hard to pay $7.50+ for a ticket when you can wait to see whatever you want on RedBox in a few months. Nonetheless, it was my present to him and the kids, so we saw a matinee yesterday. I don't really think I've seen all of Toy Story 1 or 2, so it was hard for me to judge against the others. It was kind of dark in my opinion, and Buppy agreed. Ok all in all, but probably something I wouldn't buy for myself. [Yes, I buy a lot of cartoons for myself!] Spend $1 on it at RedBox if you want to see it. [Don't tell my friend Heather I rated it this poorly; she loved it, so what do I know?!]

I rented When in Rome last week on Thursday [Buppy's night at work]. Standard chick flick. Funny in parts, but again not something I'd buy myself. It was pretty predictable, but the main man sure was nice to look at! Not high on my priority list to own. I'd say 2 out of 5 stars.

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