Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bring on Wisconsin!

Ah Thursday --- if I can only survive you and make it until 3pm tomorrow, I'll be golden. 'Cause that's when my vacay starts!

I'm excited. Excited to see family & friends, but excited to be done with work for a week. I'm sure I'll continue to check emails as some of my clients have very time-sensitive needs, but to be out of the office and in Wisco [with temps in the low-to-mid 80's!] will be awesome. I'll admit though, I'm scared of what the staff will do in my absence. Oh well.

This week has been uber stressful at work because I found out on Tuesday that come next Monday, they will be renovating our 2nd floor, where the majority of my meeting rooms are. I've shifted, canceled and moved groups to other hotels even. Luckily one was nice enough to honor the same rate we charge a client, but it's been crazy. Especially because our restaurant on-site is being demo-ed at the same time, so we have to find alternative spots to put up the continental breakfast.

So I'm leaving here tomorrow at 3pm, going home to grab my luggage and then heading to the airport with Buppy. My flight leaves at 6:40pm and arrives in Wisco at 10:10pm with a layover in Detroit. Buppy and I figure we'll get to BWI early and perhaps have dinner and a drink together before I leave. When I fly home next Sunday, we'll be home together for week, then Buppy heads to San Fran for a work conference. We were hoping I'd be able to make that too, but I just don't have enough time to take off work. Shell-Bell, we'll do our best to get out to see you sometime this fall or winter. Cali in winter would be nice!

I don't have much planned for my time in Wisco so far and plan to play a lot of it by ear. Lunch with an old co-worker in Appleton on Monday, then one of my best friends [and her fam] is coming to see me on Wednesday. The only other plan is for Thursday, when I'll likely have dinner with one of my favorite guests from the hotel I used to work at. Other than that, I just plan to spend some quality time with my fam, perhaps go hiking and maybe get in some rafting. Relaxation is calling my name . . .

Let's do lunch. On Monday. In Appleton.

Can't wait to see you Thursday H!

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