Monday, August 2, 2010

For Lack of an MPM

I thought about menu planning for this week but kind of decided against it. Well, I shouldn't really say that. I menu planned for tonight [Monday] and Wednesday night, which are the only 2 nights Buppy & I will be eating together this week. It's not really exciting to post a menu that only plans for 2 days, so I decided against it. We're having chili dogs & grilled potato spears tonight, and some crazy spin off of a cuban sandwich I plan to invent on Wednesday night. Buppy works late tomorrow night, then works his overnight on Thursday and I fly out to Wisco for my vacay on Friday after work. FYI: I hate packing.

This weekend was rather uneventful. Sat out on the deck reading or chatting on the phone a lot. It was nice to have a few days that weren't [or at least didn't feel like with the humidity] 100+ degrees. The kidlets played outside a lot. Buppy mowed the lawn and changed his oil. I scored a few deals at Rite Aid yesterday afternoon. I baked some fantastic
lemon bars. Not much else. Oooo, I slept in until noon on Saturday! Ah, I love those days.

I recently scored a fabulous deal from work that I'm super excited about. So......I really dig Boca burgers. Everyone thinks I eat 'em because I want a meatless meal or am trying to be healthy. While admittedly those are perks to them, I eat 'em because I think they're fantastic tasting. Since I'm not a huge ground beef eater, I guess that shouldn't surprise me. Anyway, our restaurant here at work had a case of them in the freezer; I'm the only person I know who has eaten any since I started here back in Oct. Well, the case of them holds 48-5 oz. patties, and I scored the rest of the case! Out of the 48, I'd be willing to bet there are about 40 or so left. They're not on the menu anymore, so our F&B director said I could have them. Love-love-love scoring a deal like that! I must say the original, which is what's in this case, are much better than their other varieties [bruschetta, mushroom & onion]. We picked up a few of those on clearance awhile back and they were [are] disappointing. I haven't eaten many of them, but Buppy & I both enjoyed an original patty on Saturday night. Loaded with lettuce, tomato, smashed avocado [in place of mayo] and raw onion [for me] with a side of corn on the cobb, it was a super tasty and healthy meal. Yum!

Vacation starts Friday, and I haven't seen my entire family for more than 3 hours or so for a few years now. I'm happy to say my parents, sister & brother will all be home when I'm there. I can't wait!

The house in Wisco where I grew up.

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