Friday, February 11, 2011

Customized Nachos

Can we talk about my love for nachos for just a sec? I love-love-love 'em, and pretty much'll top 'em with anything I have on hand that sounds good at the time. Usually my homemade ones win out over the ones I try when out at restaurants, so I don't usually order them anymore. Why pay to be let down, I ask myself.

Well, the other night Buppy and I didn't eat dinner with the kids. I think it was late lunches on both our parts to blame, and after the kids went to bed, Buppy decided to make some nachos. He decided on cheese and some BBQ pork. Baked for a bit to melt the cheese and viola! Tasty, crunchy goodness. Unfortunely, I wasn't hungry when he made his batch, but after one bite of his (ok, maybe it was more like 2 or 3), I had to get my butt off the couch and make some for myself. They're so darn easy, how to could I say no to myself?

We had some bacon in the fridge, so I baked some of that. Yup, baked. First time baking bacon, and I have mixed feelings about it. I used a small broiler pan, and while the grease dripped away like I expected, the pan was kind of a pain to wash. I did the same thing for the rest of the bacon a few days later using a bigger broiling pan, and had the same issue. Hmmmm, is there a way to avoid a hard-to-clean pan? Prolly not. Bummer.

Ok, back from my tangent now --- I layered the bacon on some tortilla chips with black olives (that were so colossal I felt back cutting them up!), green olives and shredded cheese. Baked mine for a few minutes to melt my cheese and viola! My own steamy pan of goodness. I slathered on a little sour cream and was ready to get back to my movie watching. Lazy days and comfort foods are a stellar match.

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