Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harley Time!

Today was an absolutely, unbelievably nice day outside. Warm, but not hot. Slight breeze, but not overly windy as is often the case here (at least lately). Perrrrrrfect. After walking out to get the mail around noon, I came back, picked up my iPod and headed out for a nice hour-long walk around our neighborhood. Man, I missed being able to do that! Once I got back, I turned off our heat on both floors and opened up some windows. While our upstairs is usually set to 66F, it's now 70F thanks to Ms. Sunshine and a warm breeze. Love-love-love Spring, or at least when she peeks her head out for a day or two. I think they're predicting more snow next week, but this weekend, Buppy and I plan to enjoy a ride or five. I'm psyched, probably almost as psyched as Buppy is! We're discussing packing up some sammys and having a picnic, too, but even if we don't get around to that, just to be out on the bike again after winter will be a welcome treat. Yay!

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