Sunday, February 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - February 21, 2011

Last week's menu plan went off without a hitch almost as planned. Tonight's dinner is where we'll stray, because Buppy is working overtime and I'm not making cube steak Parmesan for lil' ol' me alone, especially since steak is always better freshly cooked. I'm not sure what, exactly, I plan to do for myself for dinner, but I won't starve.

It's somewhat of a struggle lately to try to eat healthier while still using what we have on hand, e.g. a freezer full of red meat. A quarter cow is a lot of meat! I'm making my best effort though, which requires a little research when seeking out new recipes. Here's what's going on in the Bugaboo/Buppy household this week meal-wise:

Monday: Cube steak Parmesan. The steak is already thawed and we have the ingredients on hand, so come heck or high water, this dish is gettin' made.

Tuesday: Ground beef tacos nachos. I have to hit up the produce market tomorrow, so I'll make sure to have all sorts of yummy veg on hand for these bad boys. Personally, I like to skip the meat and make mine with refried beans and veg alone. Plus, the kids love all things taco-related, so there's no struggle to get them to eat dinner.

Wednesday:  Ham and potato soup. I didn't go to Aldi this week, which is where I plan to pick up some affordable turkey ham for this recipe. Since it's right near the produce market, I'll stop there while I'm out tomorrow. Oh, and I'll pick up some of their mouthwatering artichoke salsa for our nachos too. I like the way this is all working out . . . back to the soup. I'm thinking small garden salad on the side, or perhaps mini-grilled cheese sammys. I have to bake bread this week anyway.

Thursday: My night alone, so as usual, something simple, like breakfast for dinner, or a tuna salad or deli meat sammy. Yum.

Friday: Grilled NY strip steak with spicy rub and roasted veggies (whatever looked good at the produce market on Monday)

Saturday lunch: Something light, like deli meat sammys because . . .
Saturday dinner: We'll be down in VA at Buppy's parent's house celebrating Tiny Tot #2's birthday, my birthday, Buppy's sister-in-law's birthday and his dad's birthday. They all fall within a few weeks of each other, so instead of traveling all over for each one, we're doing one party. Simple, yet effective. I'm sold.

Sunday lunch: Tuna fish crumbled into garden salads.
Sunday dinner: Chicken breasts Diane. I've never made Diane anything, and have only tried steak Diane out. This sounds simple, yet elegant and delish, so I'm willing to give it a try. There'll be a veggie of some kind here, too. And I plan to check out more side/salad recipes; I'm bad at coming up with variety, but I have the Internet and plenty of cookbooks to help steer me in the right direction.

All this blogging about food is makin' me hungry! Time to go scavenge for dinner on my own now. Enjoy!


  1. Love the name of your blog...
    and I agree that the turkey ham from Aldi is great!
    Happy Week.

  2. Your menu looks yummy!I often make breakfast for dinner for the kids and myself when my husband is gone. It is so easy, and the kids love it!

  3. Your grilled NY Strip looks delicious!


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