Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Almost Party Time

The birthday mascot, with a shot o' Tuaca, the only jalapeno bacon thingie that didn't get bacon, and his beads. Oh yeah, and the rubber chicken (one of my gifts) in the background.
One of the tamer pictures, taken when things were just kickin' off.

I'll be off to the grocery store soon, and the produce market as well. It's time to get all things last minute for my annual birthday party tomorrow night. I've been doing a little cleaning (still have to vacuum the living room --- sad face), but not too much left other than to prep food. Ah, my favorite thing. Happy face. Here's the game plan:

Ham-pickle-cream cheese rollups (stellar!)

Relish tray (I love me some olives, and we have some marinated mushrooms that need to be shared. Buppy and I think they're alright, but to have party-goers help us eat the jar will be a blessing. Shhhh, don't tell them that!)

Pepper jam and cream cheese dip with crackers (something we tried at the Smucker's store in OH, which I didn't think I'd like but did)

Smokey bacon cheese ball with crackers

Pizza meatballs in roasted garlic sauce (never made these before, but an ex-roomie did and said everyone loved 'em; they have mozzi cheese stuffed inside 'em!)

Fresh fruit tray with dip (I thought about doing skewers, but there could potentially be a lot of waste if everyone doesn't like a wide variety of fruit)

Crudites with cold spinach dip

Buffalo chicken dip (a.k.a. crack!), being brought by one of the party-goers

I also really wanna make either hot olive and artichoke dip or chile con queso, revved up. I simply can't decide. They're both Pioneer Woman recipes, which means they'll both be outstanding. I just called Buppy to poll him, but he didn't answer. *nibbles fingernails* I just don't know!

That chicken made the rounds that night.

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