Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - March 21, 2011

Once again, last week was disasterous menu-wise. Buppy and I just commented on how we have no idea how it happened. Started off great, with me making sure to thaw some hamburger and the stew meat right away. Somehow though, things went awry. Gotta get back on that horse though, so here we go.

Monday: Stuffed shells (already made, in the freezer, just need to thaw and bake) with homemade French garlic bread

Tuesday: Pan-fried chicken and veggies mixed with pasta and Philadelphia Italian herb and cheese cooking creme (they sent me a coupon for a free one, so why not give it a try?)

Wednesday: Pot roast (using a recipe a reader left on last week's menu plan post) and garden salad

Thursday: I'm alone, so something easy like a sammy or leftovers. The usual.

Friday: Crispy oven-fried whiting fillets with homemade coleslaw (need to find a recipe for this that's not too sweet)

Saturday Lunch: Leftovers for all
Saturday Dinner: Pizza braid

Sunday Lunch: Leftovers for all
Sunday Dinner: Turkey ham, veggie and cheddar quiche with a shredded potato crust (using this recipe as a general guide)

Everything sounds appetizing, and nothing is too complicated. We can do this, we can do this . . . .


  1. What a great Whiting recipe! I have been looking for a good one. Thanks for sharing it! I'd also love to know what you thought about the Philadelphia cooking cream. I have been wondering about it.

  2. Found you on Organizing Junkie - your menu looks delicious. My daughter is the slaw maker and if you use apple cider vinegar you can get by with a lot less sugar than most recipes call for. :)


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