Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chaps Pit Beef

Ah, I can check another one off my Baltimore foodie bucket list. The morning after the bull and oyster roast back in mid-March, Buppy and I decided to head into Bmore to hit up Chaps Pit Beef, which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network. Guy's sandwich looked jam-packed with meat, which, to me, is like heaven on a bun.
We tried the Jennie Special sub, which consists of pit ham, turkey, sausage and cheese. It was good, but I think I prefer both subs without the sausage. It wasn't as flavorful as I'd hoped and got somewhat lost in the other ingredients. Truth be told, it was in my way. As for the cheese? No real flavor there either, so I'd nix that next time, too. The pit ham and turkey combo? Very moist, meaty and satisfying.
We also ordered Guy's Triple D, which came loaded with pit beef, corned beef and sausage. Like I just said, nix the sausage here folks; it's not needed and doesn't add to the overall taste of the sammy. At first, before digging in, I commented on how crispy the ham had gotten and how the outer browned edges looked perfect. Then Buppy bit into it and realized it wasn't ham but a very ham-colored corned beef. He didn't seem to care for the corned beef as much as I did. I thought it had fantastic flavor; I don't really remember his issue with it.
We split both sandwiches and a small order of fries, too. The fries came in a styrofoam container that they had to jam shut with a fork because they piled in so many. While good fries, I was definitely there more for the meat sandwiches than anything else. We also got 1 large soda for Buppy, and a cup for water for me. Our billed totalled $21.62, and I felt like we received a great value for our $$. The sandwiches were less expensive and seemed much larger than the ones we purchased from Edmart deli. Both delis were excellent and deserve their spot on Food Network, but Buppy and I agree that we'll frequent Chaps Pit Beef more often than Edmart in the future. Interestingly enough, this restaurant sits in the parking lot of a strip club. Didn't see that coming on Food Network!

*Side note: Picture quality is horrible because my camera died early that morning from its prolonged use at the bull roast, so these had to be taken with my phone.

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