Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - April 11, 2011

For this past week, I'd give us a B- when it comes to following our menu plan. No food went to waste, and we didn't head out to eat instead of any of the meals, so we're all good. This week sounds tasty, although Tuesday might end up being a night out for the charity Buppy and I volunteer with, which is work-related for him. We're not quite sure yet, so I've planned a tentative 'easy' meal where nothing has to thaw and there's little prep required. We'll see how that goes.

Monday: Asian-inspired marinated grilled steaks, healthified crunchy Asian salad and *hopefully* fried rice (I need a good recipe since my last attempt bombed)

Tuesday: Fried eggs and toast

Wednesday: Pork carnitas (that didn't get made last week but sound awesome)

Thursday: My night alone, so a sammy or breakfast for dinner

Friday: Lemon-dill whiting fillets and cucumber-onion salad

Saturday Lunch: Out --- we're going on a ride to benefit a charitable organization Buppy belongs to
Saturday Dinner: Grilled sausage or brats (whatever I end up pulling out of the freezer) and oven-roasted potato wedges

Sunday Lunch: Sammies and fresh fruits and/or veggies
Sunday Dinner: Rotisserie chicken, canned corn and loaded mashed potatoes


  1. I'm intrigued by the Asian Salad! I'll have to give that a whirl soon! Thanks!

  2. It's really tasty Bree. I sub in seasame oil in place of vegetable oil, and soy sauce in place of salt. Makes it more "Asian" in my opinion. Thanks for the comment!


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