Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is It Possible . . . ?

That I don't hate my job? It's feels strange to enjoy my new job as much as I do. Without a doubt, there are stuggles in the hotel, but as long as I do my job well, the blame never falls back on me. While I'd prefer there be no blame at all (if all events went as they should), it's nice to know that I won't be the scapegoat for someone else who didn't feel like doing their job that day. I actually wake up every morning wanting to go to work, and that's a feeling I haven't had since I bartended in college.

Speaking of work --- the biggest accomplishment for me after only 2.5 weeks of time there? I've already snagged 6 accounts away from my 'supervisor' that are now all mine, start to finish. Can we talk about how happy I am that her paws will be nowhere near these darlings?!

Tomorrow is Friday, and I think I'm slightly over where I should be time-wise (can't have overtime!), so I think I have to leave a little early tomorrow. Awww, poor me, having to leave early on a beautiful Friday afternoon! Please, pity me.

I plan to go tanning this weekend, which I haven't done in eons. It'll be my first experience with spray tanning (tanning beds are bad for me but I used to love them!), and I'm excited that it's free. Thanks to one of the blogs I read, I found out one of the tanning salons (a nation-wide chain) in my town is offering a $25 tanning session free to anyone who has never used (or hasn't used within the past 12 months at least) their services. Yes please! Plus, it should be perfect weather to lay out on the deck, too. Bring on that deep bronze-y glow!

Buppy has to work Saturday morning and early afternoon, and I'm hoping (provided I get my butt in gear and try to make an appointment tomorrow) I can get my hair bleached that day. No doubt I'll be too late in calling, but maybe I'll luck out and they'll have a cancellation. I can't wait to see blonde again!

Other than that, not much else planned for the weekend. We're going on a leisurely ride on the back roads on Sunday with some friends (most likely), and if all else fails, we'll head to Frederick to walk along their precious little creek and shop their new olive oil and vinegar store. Good thing it wasn't there when I lived there; I'd have spent a small forture on their wild mushroom and sage olive oil. I might even splurge and head to my old place of employment for a bowl of their divine lobster chowder. Honestly: out of this world. Ah, how I miss Frederick sometimes.

I'll do some laundry, clean a little, menu plan and most likely make some good eats this weekend. I also have to do a little homework and try to map out in my head (or on paper, if I'm that ambitious) some tricks to getting organized at work. My predecessor worked in panic mode all the time, which is completely not my style. I'm organized from start to finish, so I need to come up with a new filing system for some of our frequently-used forms, as well as an easier way to assemble the weekly packs of info I distribute. Ah, I love being able to do things my way.

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