Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recovering From Vacation

Well, vacation is officially over (has been since Sunday evening when I landed back in Bmore) and I'm almost completely settled back into work. Good thing, too, because I've taken over duties for our social catering sales person for the entire week, plus those of our corporate catering sales person for today, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. Between 3 emails to monitor, 3 voicemails to check, my normal work load, incoming phone calls, non-appointment clients and an insane RFP (request for proposal) I have to complete by Tuesday, I'm almost wiped. Almost. By the time the bid (proposal) is complete, I'm pretty sure I'll be 100% spent.

It didn't take long to break back into the swing of things work-wise. It's definitely taking longer to unload my suitcase and do/fold/put away laundry. My toiletries still aren't in order, but I don't care. Honest. As long as I can find my deodorant, brush and perfume each morning, I'll survive. 

Saturday is the fundraiser for the charity organization I belong to (where Buppy works). It's unfortunately slated for a day where there are several other large events in the area, so we have no idea what type of crowd we'll draw. We're hosting a beer pong tournament, but no, it's not simply a drunkfest. We actually put water in the cups for play, not beer, per official beer pong tourney rules. Yes, there is an official beer pong tourney organization --- crazy, isn't it? Well, anyway, Buppy and I will both be working the event, along with 1 other person, and we have to take the kids too. Should be an interesting day. I'm taking the camera and will hopefully have some fun shots to post next week.

Other than settling back in, there isn't much new here. I have to menu plan for next week this weekend; my mom helped me come up with some fun ideas while I was in Wisco, so thanks Mom! I already made the sloppy Joe's, and they were a hit. It's one of the first recipes she ever taught me, and it's as delish as ever! Oh yeah, not mention super simple, so I'm all for it. 

I have a few vacation pics, a few new recipes/pics and some random posts I need to work on soon. I've been a slack-a-saurus again blog-wise. Shame on me. Off I go now to try and finish the arduous process that is unpacking. Wish me luck folks!

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