Monday, August 8, 2011

Menu Plan Monday August 8, 2011

Time sure flies around here when we're busy. How we got to the 2nd menu plan for August already, I don't know. Since I just joined the gym and prefer to go after work (since then I don't have to pack my entire wardrobe, hair stuff, make up, etc. to get ready for work), Buppy will have to do most of the cooking for dinners and I'll eat when I get home. This is the plan, although without me around to be a pain in the neck, we'll see how closely he follows along.

Here we are, a plannin' I will go . . . 

Monday: Grilled hamburgers and (raw or oven-roasted) broccoli. We found some great-looking blue cheese slices (never seen it sliced before), so we're excited to try it on the burgers.

Tuesday: Buppy will take the kids to some bad-for-them fast food restaurant between school and soccer practice for Tiny Tot #1. We know we have to come up with a plan since he can't do that every single Tuesday, but this is the first experience with soccer practice and he's going to play it by ear this week. He and I will eat together afterwards since we'll likely get home from soccer practice and the gym at around the same time.

Wednesday: Asian chicken breasts and rice noodles. Didn't get to this one last week, but we love-love-love this recipe, so we're already thawing the chicken for it. Super yummy.

Thursday: My night alone, as usual, so likely a salad, hard boiled eggs or tuna fish. I'm boring when it's just me. Blah.

Friday: Chipotle. I received a coupon for buy-one-get-one-free, and since they have some relatively healthy options, I plan to pick up dinner for us on my way home after the gym on Friday. Why not spoil ourselves a bit at the end of the week, especially if we have a BOGO coupon?

Saturday Lunch: We hope to go tubing and do it up brown-bag lunch style. It's at the same general location we went a month or so ago, but much cheaper. Some special they're running, so it's only $10 per person. It runs from 10am - 3pm, so we'll likely do drinks and sammies in a cooler. And gummi candy. Gotta have some gummi candy!
Saturday Dinner: Grilled Polska kielbasa with sauerkraut (which I plan to cook in the slow cooker all day with dill and beef bouillon). Something easy after a long day on the water.

Sunday: Buppy's co-worker's party! It runs from 12pm or 1pm until whenever, so I'll make a dish to bring with us and no menu plan will be needed. 

There we have it. I did pretty well sticking with our menu plan last week, and I'm confident this one isn't too labor intensive. Plus, as I said, Buppy will be doing a lot of the cooking. Hope he's up to the challenge!

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