Sunday, August 7, 2011

Steals & Deals, Costly Repairs & Joining the Gym

Not that I needed any more contact solution, but it was 100% free, so why not? The stuff doesn't go bad, right? So . . . I got 3 bottles of Pampered Hands Softsoap (2 tangerine, 1 raspberry scented), a 5-count package of Allegra (for Buppy's allergies) and a 12-ounce bottle of contact solution for 46 cents out of pocket. Then I received $12 back in coupons for CVS, plus I mailed off a rebate for $7 for the Allegra. Talk about a great shopping day: 46 cents out of pocket with a total of $19 back in the end. Yes please!

Thank goodness, too, because it slightly lessened the blow of the rest of the day. We were scheduled to hit up Boordy Vineyards because we have free concert passes that get us in to see a band and go through their entire wine tasting (a $20 value per person). Yeah, rain did away with that plan. Now I have an entire batch of cold spinach dip to eat. We plan to try again in 2 weeks for the British Invasion concert, and then I'll again make some appetizers, stuff some of our giant green olives with blue cheese, and bust out the still-unopened Kalamata bruschetta. Hopefully.

Then there was the real kick in the teeth. I dropped off my car to get new front tires, and turns out my rear brakes were basically gone. I could tell something was a bit off, but I'm no mechanic. When all was said and done, I picked up my car with new front tires, new rear brakes and some other minute stuff tweaked for $850+/-. Thank goodness for well-funded emergency accounts. I feel safer driving now, and I guess that's what really counts, right? Right.

Lastly (for today's blog anyway), I joined a local gym. I haven't been a member since I lived in Frederick in 2008, and it's about time. Time to get serious about getting in shape, especially since my eating habits have vastly improved for the most part. Their normally $75 enrollment fee is only $1 during the month of August because they're celebrating their birthday, and the monthly fee is only $25 with no contract. Can't beat that around here, that's for sure. Their hours work for me, they have a lot of the equipment I enjoy working with and the staff seems friendly. An hour of cardio and an hour of lifting today might have been a bit much for my 1st day back in action, but I feel great. I'm sure the soreness will kick in just in time for me to roll out of bed for work tomorrow. Now to just stick with it . . . Wish me luck!

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